Welcome, serenity seekers.

Serenity, the quiet and pleasant realm for our mind and soul, seldom found, but always sought after.

Enter the Orlandea Domain  and walk its virtual alleys, search every nook of this secret world, hidden from the beaten path.

Hidden but accessible, delicate but majestic, welcoming but a little bit exclusive.

Once again, welcome to you, serenity seeker!

Villa Catalina

A deep, soundless, restful, rejuvenating sleep, surrounded by peaceful mountains, is the promise that we make to you with your stay on the premise of the ORLANDEA Domain. 5 cozy rooms, 2 spotless bathrooms, a generous kitchen, a saloon for great dinners or great conversations  and a little corner for enjoying your hobbies.

We can provide enough beds for 11 guests.
This main building is yours to enjoy with your family and/or guests, without any interference from other visitors or their guests.

Villa Ioana

You could easily imagine this villa perched up on a mountain in a luxurious ski resort in Tirol. Meet the shining star of the Orlandea Domain: Villa Ioana. Its five bedrooms reflect in the mirrored waters of the lake, which is also able to accommodate fishing expeditions. Ample balconies and gorgeous breathtaking views create a unique experience along with the spacious accommodations. A
large apartment is laid out over no less than 110 square meters, while a standard apartment occupies 35 square meters. Elegantly furnished and equipped with full kitchenettes, Villa Ioana’s apartments are fit for a king or a queen.

Your Royal Highness, we graciously await your arrival, have a wonderful stay!


Any special event becomes magical and enchanted here, by the lake. Especially a wedding ceremony. Just imagine it… close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine the bride’s reflection in the mirrored waters. Splendid, isn’t it? Cool mountain air, rich vegetation, fresh water lake with fish and wild ducks. And a villa just like a gingerbread house with royal quarters.

This peaceful haven magically transforms into a splendid outdoor “al fresco” ballroom for any special event, from weddings to anniversaries and corporate events.

Hunter’s dinning house

The Dinning Hall is a place of joy and celebration around the massive dinning table, gathering together friends and family that love joyful company and good food accompanied by great music or only by the sound of crickets chirping.

24 impressive solid wood armchairs complete the dinning ensemble, in the spirit of our authentic Transylvanian decor.

Positioned conveniently away from your quiet master suite, the joyful Dinning Hall is part of the standard package offered with your stay.

The Wine Cellar

This cool and mysterious realm is the place where good wine and good food artfully prepared awaits you and your guests.

The wine is in tune with your mood and it practically pours itself, reading your mind: the passionate reds, sweets and semi-sweets, joyful Rieslings and whites, fresh or old vintage and reserves.

Come on down and visit our Wine Cellar with a pitcher ready in hand and a story waiting to be told.


Mirror image of the ancient forests surrounding it, the Orlandea Domain Lake is well guarded by its aquatic population of fish, including the sleepy carp. You can spot a boat or two riding its surface, amid circlets of waves sculpted by its playful inhabitants.

The lake is a majestic place for the many seekers of peace and quiet, and it is equally enjoyed by all in search of meditation, a romantic decor or a fisherman’s playground.

Let’s play! Let them run, let them scream with joy, let them build castles, let them be the pirates of the Caribbean and the knights in shinning armor of their fairy tale realm. The children’s playground is right next to the playground for us, the adults!

In this magical place, the difference between children and adults is imperceptible.

The Pool

The lake may very well entice you for a quick dip, but we have a special invitation for you to enjoy the pool.

Clear, blue and inviting, the pool is refreshing even for the long summer days who bathe their heat into the coolness of its waters.

Reserved exclusively for our guests, the relaxing pool ambiance invites you to swim, float or day-dream.

Food Specialties

Marginimea Sibiului is an area with an outstanding reputation for good food, fresh quality ingredients and great cooking.

We invite you to experiment our local gastronomy on your own or with our help, and we urge you to try the fantastic local cuisine.

For those skilled cooks and chefs among you, our grill and bread oven are ready to offer unforgettable experiences.

Both the grill and the brick oven are modern and functional and are ready for your skillful cooking.


Orlandea Domain is located in the town of SIBIEL, in the heart of the MARGINIMEA SIBIULUI, 17 KM outside of the township of SIBIU, the European Cultural Capital of 2007.

Accessible by car via national routes on well maintained asphalt roads, Orlandea Domain expands on 2 hectares in a splendid area, clean, majestic, green and safe at all times. Maybe not always accessible by GPS, the location is easy to find: take the first left before the town church or stop and ask the locals, who will be extremely happy to assist by pointing you in the right direction.

Things to do

Orlandea Domain is the ultimate oasis for peace and quiet and relaxation. Its main attraction is the serenity of its surroundings, its sounds only expressed by its nature the way that God intended it to be.

For those of you in search of local attractions and things to do, a simple GOOGLE search will reveal an array of places that will please you, your family, your friends and your guests.

Below are some of our recommendations.,_Sibiu
Cultural events Saliste


Rates for 1 night lodging/villa(10 adults)

195 € per night

Rates for 1 night lodging/room

Ap. 1 (Duplex – 3 adults) …………………… 80 € per night

Ap. 2,3,4,5 …………………… 70 €/ apartment per night
Pool access included (sunbed and towel)
VAT included
Extra bed 16€/night
Children 0-10 years old – no charge

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Contact us

Adina Orlandea – general manager

Phone 0741 275 853